2014 WRX Stage 2 for Opensource

North America 2014 WRX STAGE 2 maps.

These tuned maps are designed for use on a 2014 WRX with the following items.

-Stock boost control System including stock restrictor pills.

-Stock Engine and stock vf-52 turbocharger

-Aftermarket Downpipe

-Stock or Aftermarket Cat back exhaust system.

-Alternate maps are provided for use with either one of the following

----Stock Airbox (Stock Air Filter is preferred)(Has been tested to work well with aftermarket drop in filters)

----K+N Typhoon intake system Item #69-8004TTK

----TurboXS intake system Item #WS08-CAI

----AEM intake system Item #21-478WR

----Perrin intake system Item #PSP-INT-320

----Cobb SF intake system



Target Boost 19 PSI MAX(High Altitude will see less boost)

Target WOT AFR's 10.9:1-10.7:1

Maps provided to work on 91 or 93 octane premium gasoline

Improved Throttle map with antibog tuning

Map's run exceptionally well at High Altitudes

Technical Support provided if changes may be needed

Logger and Rom Definitions are included

2014 WRX Stage 2 for Opensource
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